And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive

List will vary as new requests come in and answered prayers are removed.

  1.  Unspoken Request – There are times when people need a prayer but do not wish it made public. God knows the request and accepts the prayers if they are valid. Please include unspoken prayers when you pray.
  2. Curtis Johns is in need of healing prayers.
  3. Kenneth Edelhauser is in need of prayers for chronic back pain.
  4. Sherry Slaughter (Cathy Graham’s sister) is in need of prayers.
  5. Mike Upchurch – Patsy’s grandson was involved in a serious accident and needs prayers.
  6. Bo Boyd – Bo lives in Virginia and has brain tumors.  Please pray for healing and for the family
  7. Johnny Shawhart requests prayers for his uncle’s great grand daughter who is ill. She is less than a year old.
  8. Betty Prewitt, Frank’s cousin, is having cataract surgery February 7th.
  9. Burnie Vanderburg is having health issues.
  10. Wanda Edelhauser for healing as she goes for tests and whatever procedures are needed.
  11. Doug Saball, Julie’s brother in law, is not doing well.
  12. Johnny Shawhart has pneumonia and is in need of prayers.

Praise Reports:

  1. Colden Duncan – On 2/10/2017, Julie’s mom received good results from the tests. Thank you for all of your prayers.


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