First Sunday of 2016

God moves in mysterious ways. You’ve probably heard that said more times than you care to count. 😀

It is true, though. This morning we had visitors to our service. The couple are in transition and looking for a church. We hope they enjoyed our little service and visit more.

Their story started me thinking about things that happened to me in my life. I remember asking God to help me learn and understand the Bible. It’s interesting that God doesn’t always answer a prayer instantly. For me, it took a few years. I went down the path of sin, which means I did a lot that I shouldn’t have done. Then I found myself at Arthur City Baptist listening to a Pastor that was teaching, not preaching. I was learning, not feeling beaten up. I look back and I know that my prayer was answered.

If you have prayers that you feel haven’t been answered, know that God does answer, but when God is ready, not when you are ready. 😉

God bless you all,
Frank – The web person