A Cook Stove

The poor cook stove in the kitchen/fellowship area was old. It still worked, but it was old. Hmmm … That’s a good description of several of us that attend Arthur City Baptist.  Umm, So, it was decided and authorization given to replace the poor thing. As I type this, I’m becoming concerned about replacement.

Anyway, this morning I awake planning to go to the church and start cleaning as much as I can while awaiting the arrival of the new ‘replacement’ stove. My first accomplishment was to move the old stove outside to the north of the building. Then I started doing small choirs under the knowledge that if I started anything big, it would be interrupted when the new stove arrived. An advantage of being on a main highway is that people see the place. Brother Ken apparently saw my poor old car in the parking lot and stop to ask if I wanted to go with him to get the new stove. Since there wasn’t much I could do until the stove was installed, I locked up and we headed for Paris (Texas, that is).

Well, if anything can go wrong … So we finally got the stove and headed back to church with the knowledge that we should write down the address and phone number to the church anytime we go to buy something for said church. I mean really, none of us have reason to memorize the phone number or address. We don’t have to call in sick if we’re not going to be there, and the mail is delivered to a P.O. Box.

With all that said, the stove is in place and working. It sits proudly right next to the refrigerator we bought last year when the old one quit (I would have said ‘died’, but …).