Shrubs and Sanding

It was a good morning at Arthur City Baptist. Miss Julie (my wife) and I went with a plan in mind. We had been sanding on two tables that Miss Julie uses in her classroom. They are in need of refinishing. I Have needed to trim the shrubs/hedges on the north side of the building. They grow fast with all the rain we’ve gotten.

With that in mind, I left early so I could get the trimming done before it got hot. As you might guess, that didn’t work out exactly like I had planned. I did finished before it got too hot. I’ll take that. 😀

In the meantime, Miss Julie arrived and started on the last table. The room we’ve used will need a full cleaning after we get the tables finished. Dust is everywhere! We have one last round of sanding and then comes the poly on the tables.

Trimmed shrubs or not, Y’all be sure to attend a church of your choice this Sunday.

God bless you,