Don’t clean the church today

Today is Monday and I went to church as usual. Well, not exactly. This time I took a hedge trimmer, lopper and rake. There’s a mile long extension cord already at the church.

I do want to thank God for allowing me the ability top do this stuff for the church, and all that entails. I’d also like to thank Bud for mowing the yard.

With that said: The rose bush out front is now about waist high. The hedges out by the Arthur City Baptist sign are more round and shorter. The hedges next to the building are a bit naked looking, but shorter. And I’m tired! Not to mention hot. But things look better on the outside now.

Now all we need are some good souls to come carry off the piles of trimmings. Hey, I raked them into piles. What more do you want? 😀

I hope and pray everyone has a great day. God bless everyone!